Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken

{She looks well to the ways of her household...}
proverbs 31.

our household eats fairly well, but we need to get better! cleaner.  I'm working on cleaner - no chemicals, less carbs all around.
i LOVE eating dinner around the table, LOVE cooking,
 but am bad at the planning.

{shh! don't tell that}

here's to using pinterest to make me better at the whole i-gotta-feed-my-family-again-gig!
winning back family dinner, 
one pin at a time!

Monday night we had Crockpot Santa Fe chicken from The Skinny Taste.
here's what I pinned

I omitted the corn, added a can of Rotel instead of diced tomatoes with green chilies, 
and left out the green onion! 

SO good.
and 21 day fix friendly
{LOVE 21 day fix, btw!}

eat with a tortilla, with salsa, no tortilla, added cheese--
 super versatile, whatever-diet-you're-on adaptable recipe!

serve with some shredded lettuce for an easy taco salad!

I'm going to try to add our daily recipes -
help share all my planning AND keep myself on top of it. :)

what did y'all eat for supper?

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