Crockpot Enchilada Soup!


back to the grindstone,
which, for us, 
is a school at home day.
{my kiddos go to a hybrid school} 

it's a LONG day. 
lots of coffee and patience. 

{crockpot to the rescue!}

I've used my crockpot the past several Mondays
and it's brilliant.

I always feel like I need a big gold star for getting dinner not only planned and shopped for, but also IN THE CROCKPOT at 9 in the morning.

so, dinner tonight? crockpot enchilada soup!

it's a new recipe for us, but I think we'll love it.
I'm going to lessen the jalapenos for the kids' sake
{I'd probably double them if it were for me ;-)}

almost zilch-ville prep work.
low carb, Paleo, 21-day fix, clean-eating,
and gotta be every-other-diet approved, too.

recipe and photo found here.

Comments after making:
SO good.  I'll totally double the "broth" part next time 
as we never have enough broth with soup recipes,
and halving the jalapeno still left LOTS of kick! 
Served with cheese, and I used plain greek yogurt for sour cream! 
super yummy, healthy supper. And smelled fabulous. Definitely a keeper.

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