How to Hardboil eggs

How to hard boil eggs - the easyway!

This is totally different than the way I've been hard boiling eggs my whole life.  But it *works*!  My entire life I've always put eggs in a pan, filled it with water, and then boiled them.  And the shells are always hit or miss - usually they're a pain to come off, and I end up butchering the eggs! Occasionally I'd get lucky and they'd be easier, but usually such a pain!

Our family eats a lot of hard-boiled eggs - the kids like them, which is awesome because they're so healthy (such great protein!), I love them as egg salad, on top of a real salad, etc.  
But, they're always such a pain to peel!

{insert cheesy infomercial music...

until NOW! ;-)}

When I was up late one night I decided to google and figure out how to hard-boil eggs.  after reading way too much about this random subject, I stumbled upon this method -  and it works! 
I've done it for a couple of months now, and it's awesome.

  1. Get your eggs out of the fridge. (I set them on a towel so they won't roll of the counter!)
  2. Put fresh, cold water in a pot.
  3. Bring it to a boil.
  4. Carefully add your eggs. (I use a spoon and lower them into the water).
  5. Boil them (no lid) for exactly 15 minutes.
  6. Take the pan to the sink and run cold water over all the eggs (rinse them off well so they're cool).
  7. Then, crack them against the sink - the shells will seriously just FALL off. 
  8. be amazed at how well this works. ;-)

I've never had eggs crack when they hit the water except when I didn't set them on the counter as the water was coming to a boil.   And, the science behind it is something about the water temperature and the temp it has to come to to boil the egg and how long the shell is in the water, blah blah blah blah.....I skipped over the details, and just tried the method. It works! oh, and, look how pretty and yellow the yolks are! the first time I did this I was actually surprised at how good the yolks looked - it's noticeable!

 Try it and tell me what you think!!!

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